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Safety and Environmental Policy

Ship Vet Sdn Bhd puts the safety of its staff above all other aspects and believes that a safe and healthy work environment is essential to carry out the inspection and auditing that the Company conducts.

In achieving this, the Company has developed a no blame culture to encourage the reporting of accidents, incidents and near misses. We will ensure that all reported incidents and accidents are carefully assessed and followed up and that any lessons learnt are shared with our clients.

Ship Vet Sdn Bhd is taking steps to minimise any impact the Company has on the environment by recycling of office waste and implementing energy efficiency measures within its office.

 Quality Policy

The Company strives to provide the highest standards in inspection and auditing services and manages this by ensuring that our staff have the necessary experience, training and qualifications to perform the tasks before assignment. The quality of reports produced by our staff are carefully monitored to ensure our clients get the very best and accurately produced product.

Ship Vet Sdn Bhd ensures our employees and contractors are continuously kept updated with information through our website  as a tool to allow transparent sharing of best practice and experience and through our regular “Information Notices to Inspectors”.


Ship Vet Sdn Bhd believes that ethical behaviour is essential to its business and success and insists that its business is conducted to the highest ethical standards both to its clients and third parties.

The Company achieves this standard through:

·         abidance of international, national and local laws

·         clear and concise reporting when conducting inspections and audits

·         reporting to clients any offers of gifts or attempted bribes

·         total transparency with its accounting and business



The Company believes that its clients should receive a “value for money” service achieved through:


·         planning the most efficient transportation with practicality

·         expediting the inspections and audits with optimum dispatch

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